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The Masseria: our beloved place

11 February 2021

Welcome to Tenuta blog

Welcome to our blog. Here we will give voice to our emotions. Our work is so wonderful and hectic that very often, caught up in the obsessive organisation of details, it doesn’t allow us to realise what we created and experienced. This is why we decided to take some time for ourselves and dedicate it to the precious emotions that you, the bride and groom, give us during the three hundred and sixty-five days of the year. Real and spontaneous emotions that we will experience at Tenuta. A logbook that will contain many themes – from the experiences we had to wine&food through the new floral trends and much more.

We, the sisters of Tenuta Pinto, will do this. We’re Chiara and Nicole and we’ll become the guardian angels of your event. Yes, we’ll take care of your dream to make it magic. We have always considered ourselves the heart and mind of this project. The heart is me, Chiara, because I’m a carefree creative and art is running through my veins. It’s very easy for me to create and experiment with new furnishings and setting-up. In perfect contrast to the mind, which is me, Nicole – the ‘German’ sister. I take care of all the technical organisation of the spaces and the event timeline. Nothing is left to chance – I’m obsessive about ensuring that everything is in the right place at the right time. Perhaps it’s true that we complete ourselves. We make a great team together. After all, it can only be like that between sisters, can't it?

Having introduced ourselves, it's time to start dreaming. We know that you will love every word of what we are about to tell you because by now we've got to know you, newlyweds. Well, we've been planning events for almost six years.

Keyword? FIENILE.

Yes, we're going to talk about our favourite place. How it started, how it was and how it is now. Curious? Too bad we can't hear your Yes.

If you are with someone else, we recommend that you close your eyes and let someone else read what we are about to tell you, so that you can let your imagination draw our Fienile for you. We are very romantic about this topic because we are immensely in love with this place from the moment we saw it grow year after year as if it were a new-born baby. That's why we'd like to give you even a tenth of the thrill we get when we cross its threshold. Ready? Let’s go!

It all took shape back in 2015 when we decided to start jotting down ideas, projects and, why not, dreams. We are young dreamers, always looking for new wonders. In fact, the project was already there in our minds. We wanted a place from past times that would fit in well with the ancient body of the Masseria. Because, as you may not know, it dates back to the 18th century. Therefore, the main concept in building a new area of the Masseria was to preserve history without defacing any existing architectural elements. The must-haves in the creation of the Fienile were wood, pure white, chianche pavement, lights.

Everything was designed according to a technical criterion and every detail has a meaning for us. When our architects designed our Fienile on paper, we both loved it from the start. We were sure that the minimalist design of the white wooden beams would give the place something unique, and it did. To this day, there is no one who is not enchanted by the architectural structure of the Fienile. The choice of white is not accidental – we wanted to keep the décor ‘linear’ so that it could be combined with any other floral arrangement on the day of the event. In a nutshell, it’s a place with a thousand souls – a different style for each wedding. Since 2015, the walls of the Fienile have seen and welcomed so much Love. Amidst light-heartedness, joy, tears and happiness, it has been the place of the heart for many couples. And we are grateful we experienced all this over the years.

But do you want to know the most exciting thing? During 2020, despite the ongoing pandemic and a lot of uncertainty, we managed to achieve what we had planned – the desire to ‘freshen up the rooms’ and give the Fienile a new style. That's what happened and we are so pleased with the result! Our greatest wish was to create even more magic than we already had. We would like to explain in detail what we did. The little lights that you have always loved in our garden are now also in our Fienile. The warmth of the starry sky will cuddle your first dance as husband and wife. Don't you get excited just thinking about it? We do. Hold on, our story is not finished. Because we've also decided to have linen fabrics hung to adorn the wooden beams. We also changed the floor: refined chianche tiles in natural tones gave light to the Fienile.

Last but not least, her majesty the Garden View. Let us explain. The Fienile now has a wonderful garden view on all four sides. Huge windows give you the feeling of being outside, even though you are in the Fienile – while you are at the table enjoying our Chef's delicacies, you can admire the beauty of our olive grove. For us, this is wonderful and it’s even more exciting to see the joy in your eyes when you choose us. We can't wait to come back and embrace you, here, in our place of the heart.

Word of Chiara and Nicole Pinto


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