Our cuisine

Authenticity, tradition and creativity

What does cooking mean to us? It’s tradition, experience and authenticity – the raw ingredients are our menu’s protagonists. We transform them into our cooking philosophy thanks to our Chef Giuseppe Pedone’s inspiration and creativity.

Km0 Cuisine

Tenuta Pinto supports an idea based on a km0 cuisine. Genuine ingredients and Apulian traditions reach their greatest expression on our tables and through our Chef dishes.

Giuseppe Pedone,
Executive Chef Tenuta Pinto

“My cuisine idea starts from a special encounter between raw materials and sensorial experience”. This is how our Executive Chef Giuseppe Pedone describes his idea of cooking. After experiences like Parisian nouvelle cuisine and starred restaurants around the world, the chef has decided to return to his native land, accepting the challenge of a new cooking philosophy: authentic and sensorial in all his dishes.

An Apulian Itinerary

After the welcome aperitif, there will be our chefs cooking show and a selection of appetizers that will represent a real apulian journey.

Each of our appetizers is rich in genuine flavors and it is presented in typical Apulian booths: from cold cuts to cheeses, from raw fish to fresh vegetables from our garden.

Each booth is different, so as to meet the needs and tastes of all the guests and make your special day unique.

Our vegetable garden

The products we use for the preparation of the main dishes of your wedding comes from our garden.

Under oil products, homemade products, legumes, extra virgin olive oil: each ingredient comes from our land and is used by our chefs who enhance its aromas and flavours.

This is a place that we all hold dear because it represents the unbreakable bond with our origins and with the past of the Pinto family. Our Denis works here, precious guardian of the art of agriculture, which helps him everyday to take care of the products and excellences of our land.

Eco-sustainability and quality of raw materials: two key points of Tenuta Pinto!