Tenuta Pinto, a family history

We love to think of the entire team as a big family. Every person in Tenuta Pinto’s team has a key role to play. Each of us loves their job and works to ensure the best experience for all the guests of the masseria. Our staff is ready to welcome you in Tenuta Pinto and to give you an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Apulian countryside.

A dream that comes true

For what our structure represents today, we have to thank Domenico Pinto and his wife Isabella who were the first believers of this challenge: Domenico has always been passioned about agricultural traditions, a passion passed on to him by his father Vito, he takes care of the agricultural part of the farm and is committed to the research and development sector of Tenuta Pinto.
Isabella is the role model of the whole family and supervises every detail behind the scenes, guaranteeing perfect organization of the Suites.

A team that works as a family

From their desire to create an authentic place to celebrate love, Tenuta Pinto has become a magic location where every wedding is organized in detail, thanks to the creativity of Chiara, one of the daughters of Domenico and Isabella, the event manager and the guardian angel of every couple who choose our masseria. Her main task is to follow and help the spouses in all of their choices, constantly supported by the precious support of her assistant Anisa, always focused on all the details.

The other daughter Nicole takes care of the logistic, technical and administrative part of each event, while Vito, the front office manager of Tenuta Pinto, meets all the couples who want to get married in our place.

Experience and organization in every event

To complete our precious team, the executive chef of Tenuta Pinto Giuseppe and the maître Francesco. The first one, despite his very young age, carries on an innovative cooking philosophy linked to the products of the land thanks to his various experiences abroad, while the second one is a professional figure who has chosen to get involved in our reality and guides all the service personnel during the events held in our facility.

Here’s our team: