The best Sparkly Xmas Wedding: Giuseppe e Maria Elisabetta

With our eyes still filled with wonder, today we are going to tell you the story of the beauty of a marriage in winter.

It’s not easy to get married during this season. Warmth and intimacy are the main features of these marriages, because in these winter months – contrary to summer – we prefer to plan weddings with no more than 150 guests. This choice is thought to ensure the best experience to the spouses and also to the guests, so that the events are mainly set indoors. Our fireplace, the ancient rooms of the Eighteenth Century, the wood oven and our beautiful barn, will surely make you live a simple and authentic magic!

Spouses who choose December for their wedding, are for sure in love with the Christmas atmosphere, Christmas decorations all over our Masseria and they love to be surrounded by beauty and warmth too.

Last Saturday 10th December, we officially opened the “Christmas Weddings” season!
Giuseppe and Maria Elisabetta chose our Masseria for their Sparkly Xmas Wedding. Sweet, super excited and very romantic, they gifted us with pure Love.

This weddings fil rouge was the burgundy colour: all ribbons on napkins, flowers in the centrepieces and the cake set-up followed this theme.
And what can we say about our majestic Christmas trees? They built an incredible scenario! Did you like them? We loved them so much, especially at sunset. What a dream!

And now, enjoy the wonderful pictures by Marilisa (@amarilis_photography), one of the most talented Apulian photographers!
Dear future spouses, if you loved this story, contact us! There are still several dates available for Winter 2023!

Enjoy the magic!
Chiara Pinto