The excitement of getting married in Apulia

Today's topic? Destination Wedding.

We’ve always wondered what makes a foreign couple decide to get married in Apulia. That’s why we want to make you dream by telling you a love story from across the continent.

We’re talking about Hala and Ayham, a Syrian couple who, solely and exclusively out of love for our region, decided to start a new family at Tenuta Pinto.

For us, thinking that someone would want to travel so far to fulfil a dream was conceived as pure madness. It seemed so curious to us that two young people from Syria would want to get married in Apulia but we are absolutely aware that there is no better region than ours to experience marriage in traditional style.

Amidst curiosity, joy and emotion, it really happened and we couldn’t wait to give a face to this couple. Before then there had only been ‘virtual meetings’ because of the distance between us. We remember perfectly when, one morning on an ordinary Thursday, we were at our desks in the office and all of a sudden, while checking our inbox, among information and general requests, we saw their email asking us to arrange a visit to the facility.

With a heavy heart, the new adventure began. We shuddered at the thought of having to organise the wedding of a couple whose culture was so different from ours. Thanks to them, we discovered new traditions. This is what our job is all about: pure emotion.

We are always looking for new wonders. How monotonous would it be if it wouldn’t be like that? We have never liked anything standard.

After a thousand skype calls, messages and emails, the big day arrived. It was the 18th of August 2018 of a super sunny day.

The wedding was in the evening and it was full of magic.

A single horseshoe table graced our olive grove. Chic touch: two crystal candlesticks on a main olive tree. The very elegant bride Hala was particularly keen to have a floral arrangement on the table that would leave everyone speechless. And so it was, simply breathtaking.

I remember when, at one point in the evening, amidst the thousands of lights, they danced their first dance to a traditional Syrian song. It was like being on another continent, believe me.

During the evening there were also ‘ritual’ moments for their culture when all the men wore traditional clothes to celebrate the newlyweds. It was truly the most incredible experience all of us at Tenuta Pinto have ever had. I’m sure it was.

Even though some time has passed since that wedding, I still have vivid memories, especially of the cake design. A vintage naked cake was laid on a circular table for Hala and Ayham. Lots of pink roses and white lisianthus coloured the setting. Of course there were also romantic candles on the table and on the jars hanging from the olive tree that the couple chose for the setting.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to create such wonder, does it?

We could talk for hours about this unique wedding, but we want you to experience these emotions yourself, perhaps during your own wedding.

So, with the hope of having aroused your curiosity, all you have to do is visit us at the Masseria to start planning the dream you have always wanted!

Chiara Pinto