The Masseria: our beloved place

Welcome to Tenuta blog

Welcome to our blog. Here we will give voice to our emotions. Our work is so wonderful and hectic that very often, caught up in the obsessive organisation of details, it doesn’t allow us to realise what we created and experienced. This is why we decided to take some time for ourselves and dedicate it to the precious emotions that you, the bride and groom, give us during the three hundred and sixty-five days of the year. Real and spontaneous emotions that we will experience at Tenuta. A logbook that will contain many themes – from the experiences we had to wine&food through the new floral trends and much more.

We, the sisters of Tenuta Pinto, will do this. We’re Chiara and Nicole and we’ll become the guardian angels of your event. Yes, we’ll take care of your dream to make it magic. We have always considered ourselves the heart and mind of this project. The heart is me, Chiara, because I’m a carefree creative and art is running through my veins. It’s very easy for me to create and experiment with new furnishings and setting-up. In perfect contrast to the mind, which is me, Nicole – the ‘German’ sister. I take care of all the technical organisation of the spaces and the event timeline. Nothing is left to chance – I’m obsessive about ensuring that everything is in the right place at the right time. Perhaps it’s true that we complete ourselves. We make a great team together. After all, it can only be like that between sisters, can’t it?