The Tenuta that changed the life of a Family

The Tenuta that changed the life of a Family

Let me introduce myself: I’m Domenico Pinto, born in 1966.

Although it’s really difficult to talk about it, I’ll try to tell you something about myself. I am an eternal dreamer, curious and attracted by everything that can be a source of inspiration and growth for me. As a good Apulian, since birth I’ve always been very attached to my land and the traditions of my country. Despite this, I’ve always loved travelling and discovering new cultures around the world. For this reason, I have always aimed to do more, both personally and professionally. I believe there’s nothing more beautiful than facing new challenges every day and setting goals to achieve. Thanks to my personality, there has never been a moment in my life where I haven’t been optimistic (always positive!).

Amongst many projects, dreams and challenges, there is one in particular that has become a real life project over time. A difficult but decidedly ambitious one-way journey with my family on board called Tenuta Pinto.

And here I am, telling you how the Tenuta has changed our lives.

It all started about fifty years ago when, with my father Vito Pinto, I began to cultivate artichokes and table grapes. Since then I have never stopped nurturing this strong bond with my land. On the contrary, I have developed a strong curiosity in this field. I began to inform myself and to pursue a concept that went far beyond the simple cultivation of products.

Let me explain: when thirteen years ago I was offered the opportunity to buy a Masseria built in 1729 in the Antiche Ville hillock in Mola di Bari, my wife Isabella and I were enthusiastic but at the same time restrained.

She thought I was crazy but for me nothing has ever been impossible.

Great decisions are never easy to make but my optimism and foresight proved me right. There was no better choice made in my life than buying that villa.

A lot of ideas started floating around in my head. Every day I tried to figure out how to turn that place into a natural paradise. With the help of professionals in the field – architects, landscape architects and engineers – the project began to take shape. We renovated the estate, safeguarding the soul and the history that each stone told. Each element was renovated in accordance with the law but has remained the same since 1729. We have simply embellished a place that already exuded the magic of yesteryear.

I have to be honest: thanks to my daughters and my wife, the furnishings and stylistic choices have been taken care of down to the last detail. After all, a woman’s touch can never be lacking in a renovation.

I also have to say that, without them, nothing would have worked. Our strength has always been working together towards a single goal.

Curious to know what goal? Easy! Always enhancing the value of Apulia. It is no coincidence that our cuisine is based on a constant search for high quality products and raw materials.

Since the beginning of Tenuta Pinto, this has been our company philosophy. The interior design may change, but never the concept for which the Masseria was created. You have my word.

The Pinto family can’t wait to welcome you back to the Masseria to let you experience a place that conveys simple but genuine emotions, the same emotions that we ourselves felt that first time back in 2008.

Domenico Pinto